PTNM Stimrouter

PTNM Stimrouter

Happy to announce the successful implantation of Stimrouter system in 7 year old pediatric girl who was complaining for urine and fecal incontinence who is considered the first pediatric case over the world.

What is Stimrouter?
It is a stimulation device implanted in proximity to nerves to restore normal function. It is used for controlling fecal and urine incontinence.

Who can have the device ?
Any patient who has fecal, urine incontinence, urine retention, spina bifida, sacral agenesis, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson patients, females with urge incontinence and urgent after tension free vaginal sing and pelvic pain syndrome.

Are all implanted at the same nerve?
No , it depend on patient complain and doctor assessment to decide if will implant at tibial neve or other nerves.

What are the unique features of this device?
Patients can leave hospital at same OR day. They can take their sessions at home without any need for hospital visit, by using external device to stimulate through the skin. Also the device is MRI compatible and is not contraindicated in doing MRI.
Other great feature it is rechargeable , so patient need to charge daily to keep it working and no concern for the battery life.